Ensuring Employee Wellbeing Pursuing Both Job Satisfaction and Supportive Workplaces

Raising job satisfaction levels across the entire Group

With the TSUNEISHI Group’s corporate philosophy—Pursuing business stability and development to ensure employee wellbeing—it is important for us to strive to make the time employees spend at work as fulfilling as possible.


We conduct regular employee satisfaction surveys across all Group companies to obtain employee feedback and help raise the levels of job satisfaction. Employees are asked to evaluate their workplace environments, including support programs, benefits, and compensation. Improvements are then made based on statistics obtained to build more rewarding workplace environments.


For example, after analyzing recent survey results at TSUNEISHI TRADING, a trend was identified that showed decreasing levels of customer service. Accordingly, the company implemented improvement measures such as providing learning opportunities on the theme of customer service. In the following year’s survey, the score for this item had risen, and there was also an improvement in customer satisfaction.


Based on the survey results, each Group company considers and implements its own measures to improve job satisfaction. Later, the Job Satisfaction Improvement Committee,* which consists of members appointed by each company, identifies successful examples of these initiatives and shares them group-wide. Through these efforts, we believe that the entire TSUNEISHI Group can raise its levels of job satisfaction.


*The Job Satisfaction Improvement Committee promotes activities to further enhance job satisfaction and engagement. The aim is to help realize the TSUNEISHI Group philosophy, namely, Pursuing business stability and development to ensure employee wellbeing.

Multifaceted initiatives to realize supportive workplaces

The TSUNEISHI Group is actively working to improve job satisfaction and create supportive workplace environments. For example, we have created an atmosphere and procedures that make it easy for everyone to utilize their paid vacation time. This includes setting the days on which paid leaves should be taken group-wide and establishing a system to enable paid leave time to also be taken in one-hour units. In recent years, more and more eligible male employees have started taking childcare leave, and we will develop programs to enable new work styles that better match the life stages and lifestyles of each individual.


At the same time, we have taken measures to deal with harm caused by various kinds of workplace harassment and to prevent this behavior altogether. In addition to creating a harassment consultation service hotline at TSUNEISHI HOLDINGS that serves the entire Group, to make it even easier for victims to seek help, we have also established an external consultation service hotline in collaboration with a specialist provider. Finally, we hold annual harassment prevention seminars for section managers and deputy section managers.


To promote good mental health, all employees receive instruction on mental health care as part of their initial training when they join the company. This gives them the basic knowledge they need before starting their job assignments. We also provide mental health care training for managers as necessary.


Similar to our harassment prevention measures, we have also set up an external consultation service hotline to promote employee mental health. The service provides counseling not only for workplace issues, but also for home-related matters, and it is available to both employees and their immediate family members. Moreover, we are working to create workplace environments that prevent individual employees from becoming socially isolated. This is done by encouraging employees to take an interest in everyone working around them, by promoting good interpersonal communication, and by making use of opportunities for employees to connect with each other through cross-organizational networks.