Individual Skills Development Leads to Even Greater Organizational Strength Tsuneishi Olympics

Improving individual knowledge and skills through friendly competition

With the aim of improving and sharing employee skills, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING has held the Tsuneishi Olympics annually since 2001, at the Tsuneishi Factory. The number of events increases each time it is held, and it is a comprehensive competition where employees participate by demonstrating various skills that are essential for shipbuilding. These include CO2 welding, wiring and connection, forklift operation, and overhead crane operation. With more than 100 participants, it is a great opportunity for employees to show off the skills they have gained in their daily hard work and enjoy some friendly competition, while also learning from one another.

Every year, over 100 employees compete in skill events at the Tsuneishi Olympics

Complete safety awareness and individual skills improvement support high-quality shipbuilding

To succeed at these Olympics, participants must not only demonstrate task accuracy and the quality of finished work, but also work safety.


The Tsuneishi concept of high-quality shipbuilding skills includes not only construction skills but also safety measures. At TSUNEISHI Group sites, employees regularly share information for enhancing site safety, and they make improvements daily. These are also important opportunities to thoroughly implement the philosophy of “no technology without safety.”


Employees from Group sites outside Japan, such as those in China and the Philippines, regularly visit Japan for practical training. Those in Japan during the competition season are also able to participate in the Tsuneishi Olympics. In recent years, many of them have earned high ranks in numerous events. When employees from diverse locations come together and engage in friendly competition, they often experience greater job motivation as a result.


Changing with the times while continuing to deliver high-quality ships that meet the needs of customers, the TSUNEISHI Group will continue striving to improve the skills of every employee.

Competing in events such as welding, and wiring and connection