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TSUNEISHI Group slogan
Our motto

Creating the future, today.

The TSUNEISHI Group ventured forth into the sea from the Setouchi region of Western Japan, a limited area surrounded by water and mountains.

The long time spent shipbuilding allowed us to contemplate the future. Over the years, we have carried forth the hopes and ambitions of many through the turbulent sea of the times.

Through this we gained the strength to foresee what is to come, and the determination to set ideas into motion.

Since our founding 120 years ago, we have been aided by "okagesama," or the gratitude and support between people and community. We have expanded our business from Japan to the world, and from Shipping and Shipbuilding, to Tradig & Energy, Environment, and beyond.

With curiosity in our hearts, we have always pioneered one step ahead, perceiving every obstacle as an opportunity for innovation.

We will continue to believe in every person's potential, and co-create unprecedented value with stakeholders and local communities around the world.

We will step forward to answer the unmet needs of tomorrow, and carry on the beauty of the earth to bring hope to the next generation.

There is no end to our challenge.

  • Corporate Philosophy
    Our mission

    Developing stable businesses to ensure
    the happiness of employees
  • Values
    The principles we cherish

    Being one with the community

Corporate Guideline
Actions that we take

  • Pursuing customer value
  • Be flexible to change
  • Work with Integrity
Inspired by these values,
the people of the TSUNEISHI Group take actions in line
with our code of conduct to ensure that
the Group lives up to its philosophy.

Our Purpose is a slogan that
conveys our approach in a few words.