Protecting Coastal Ecosystems by Planting Mangroves Balamban, Cebu, Philippines

The TSUNEISHI Group is planting mangroves to help protect coastal ecosystems near Balamban, a town on the Philippine island of Cebu, where one of the Group’s shipyards is located. This hands-on initiative is being carried out by the employees of the Group subsidiary, TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU), Inc. The activity has been held annually since 2011, and to date 90,000 mangroves have been planted along this coastline.


Compared to other plants, mangroves have strong leaves, absorb large amounts of carbon dioxide and fix a lot of carbon in the soil. This makes them a great contributor to environmental conservation. Moreover, the complex root systems of the trees help create tidal flat ecosystems where diverse organisms can thrive. Mangroves also play a valuable role as natural barriers to prevent coastal erosion caused by high waves, making them the perfect tree for ecosystem protection.


As a manufacturer, the TSUNEISHI Group is working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from each of its operations. We are determined to help ensure that the planet’s abundant ecosystems are preserved for coming generations. That is why we also promote various other environmental protection activities, starting with local communities and extending to the broader society.