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The TSUNEISHI Group and affiliates

The origins of the TSUNEISHI Group are in shipping and shipbuilding. We have expanded today into a range of businesses that contribute to the community, such as energy, environment, and life & resorts. We look beyond conventional business models, always looking to the future and aiming for business stability and development.


Global rollout of diverse shipping services

We have globally expanded our speedy, flexible shipping services, especially with our owned ships and Japan–China container liner services linking local ports in Japan to main ports in China. We will accommodate every customer need with our services for all kinds of cargo.


Our pride in upholding Tsuneishi quality with our collective capabilities

Shiohama Dockyard, the predecessor of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING, was founded in 1917 in Tsuneishi, Numakuma Town, Fukuyama City of Hiroshima Prefecture. TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING marked its centennial in 2017 and has opened the door to the next 100 years with the spirit of challenge embedded in our DNA.


Contributing to our communities with energy and auto services

To bring reassurance and comfortable lifestyles to the community, while remaining mindful of the environment and economy, the TSUNEISHI Group’s energy business will pursue all possibilities for people, cars, and energy to provide flexible comprehensive services with high added value.


Promotion of technology innovation for the realization of a recycling-oriented society

With the philosophy “There’s no such thing as waste”, our entire environment business group works actively to detoxify waste and promote recycling. We continue to enhance our technologies and expand our business with the aim of creating a sustainable society.


To enhance the value of Setouchi for the future

The TSUNEISHI Group Life & Resorts business was born from the aspiration to raise the international profile of the Bingo area (Eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture) and revitalise the region through branding.The TSUNEISHI Group creates new local resources in the Bingo region which will be passed on to future generations.


We live and grow together with our communities

The TSUNEISHI Group has developed alongside the local communities. We will contribute to creating better environments to further revitalize the regions and to enrich the lives of citizens.

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