CEO Message

Working to build more affluence
for local communities and society:
Creating the future, today.
Hirotatsu Kambara

The TSUNEISHI Group is celebrating its 120th anniversary this year. This is an achievement that would not have been possible without the many customers, business partners, and local community members who have supported our activities over the years. I would like to thank you all again.

Our business was founded in 1903, in Numakuma-cho Town, Hiroshima Prefecture, which is situated around the Seto Inland Sea. We have always considered the future needs of this region and the broader society, and have undertaken numerous challenges to help meet those needs. Today, we have grown our businesses into five segments: Shipbuilding, Shipping, Environment, Trading & Energy, and Life & Resorts. The TSUNEISHI Group continues to move forward by building relationships with people in various communities in Japan and abroad.

Even as society continues to transform at an ever-accelerating pace, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility, which is to help build an even more prosperous world for future generations. We believe this is the purpose of the TSUNEISHI Group. In order to realize this purpose, we are committed to constant self-examination and we take action after action to improve our effectiveness.

Our aim is to think about what needs to be done now, and then implement ideas to help build a better future, and boldly make them a reality. To mark our 120th anniversary, we have formally adopted this approach along with a new slogan, "Creating the future, today."

The concept of "future value" offers a wide range of possibilities. These include ensuring a safe, abundant natural environment for the future, and creating economic value that helps our customers maintain their business continuity. It also includes preserving local scenery, culture, and diverse values for future generations. In order to help build a sustainable world with prosperous lifestyles, we strive to take new steps forward continually, with our eyes always on the future.

Everyone at the TSUNEISHI Group is responsible for creating future value. We will continue to invest in developing our workplaces and human resources. This will enable those who join the Group to grow by making the most of their curiosity and imagination.

By working together, we can ensure an even more prosperous world for the next generation. The TSUNEISHI Group creates the future today, and the first step on that road begins today.