Basic Policy on Sustainability Promotion

TSUNEISHI Group addresses the global environmental and social issues as one of our top management priorities.
In line with our corporate value “Going forward together with the community and society,”
we strive to make contributions to the realization of a sustainable society.
We are also committed to working toward fulfilling our corporate philosophy
“Pursuing business stability and development to ensure employee wellbeing.”

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Sustainability Policy

  • Promote businesses that contribute to addressing environmental and social issues

    As a member of the global community, we promote the corporate activities leading to sustainable development in order to contribute to the conservation of the global environment and the solution of social issues, not only for our own company, but also for communities and society.

  • Build trusted relationships with communities and society

    In order to build close trusted relationships with communities and society, we endeavor to disclose appropriate information, and communicate with all stakeholders through dialogues to know well their expectations and requirements. We work toward fulfilling these commitments by steadily putting them into practice.

  • Pursue to enhance employee job satisfaction

    To build a better corporate organization where all employees can feel a sense of job satisfaction, while strengthening understanding of diversity, we are committed to fostering the development of our human resources, improving the work environment, and safeguarding the physical and mental health of our employees.

  • Foster awareness of sustainability

    We strive to foster awareness of sustainability among employees and engage them to learn more about the sustainability and participate in promotion activities for sustainable development as sustainability promoters.