Making Compliance the Responsibility of Every Employee

Fair business practices are rooted in compliance

The TSUNEISHI Group believes in fair business activities performed in good faith. That is why our management is supported by the compliance of every employee.


In order to heighten compliance awareness among employees, we have created a compliance manual based on our Five Sources of Good Outcomes, and we strive to ensure that everyone understands and applies the fundamental concepts.


Moreover, to continuously check compliance understanding levels, the Group conducts a compliance test four times a year, as part of a system to measure and improve compliance knowledge. Approximately 2,000 employees have taken the test group-wide.

"Corporate Credo card" to help promote compliance management

Maintaining daily awareness levels in effective ways while providing timely and appropriate knowledge updates

After each group-wide compliance test, the individual group companies develop and promote their own relevant initiatives, and they are working hard to ensure compliance understanding. This includes deepening employee awareness at seminars that provide explanations of the test content, as well as having employees review materials that summarize the main compliance points.


Moreover, in accordance with the individual laws and regulations that apply to the Group’s range of business areas, we hold training on certain Japanese laws such as Subcontract Act and the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, while raising awareness of China’s revised personal information protection law. To promote efforts like these, we obtain the necessary knowledge from external experts and other sources, and we provide timely compliance updates tailored to each business site as necessary.


The promotion of compliance understanding begins by fostering an awareness among employees that each individual plays an important role and has a stake in ensuring compliance. Therefore, in addition to information sharing via participatory activities such as compliance tests and seminars, we also have a channel for regular information provision. Every month, a four-panel comic strip on the theme of compliance appears in the Group’s online newsletter, which employees can access on a daily basis. This comic helps raise compliance awareness by providing content that relates to daily activities, in an easy-to-digest format.

A serial comic strip in the Group's newsletter promotes compliance understanding