TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING hosted “TSUNEISHI Day 2015” in London~Party attended by 120 European customers, deepened relationships with the European maritime industry

February 19, 2015


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TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING hosted “TSUNEISHI Day 2015” in London~Party attended by 120 European customers, deepened relationships with the European maritime industry

Speech by President Kenji Kawano

On February 11, 2015, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. hosted the “TSUNEISHI Day 2015” event in London, for the purpose of deepening its relationships with the European customers. In attendance from the host’s side were Mr. Kenji Kawano, the new President, and Mr. Hitoshi Kono, the new Director and Ship Sales Division Manager, as well as Mr. Toshio Sato (Chairman of TSUNEISHI GROUP (ZHOUSHAN) SHIPBUILDING, Inc.) and Mr. Hirotatsu Kambara (President of KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd.). Approximately 120 guests graced the event, which was held at the Claridge’s Hotel in the luxurious district of Mayfair, London.


Mr. Kenji Kawano officially opened the evening’s festivities with a welcome speech, wherein he greeted the guests and spoke about his aspirations as the new President of the company. This was followed by a congratulatory address delivered by Dr. Andreas K. L. Ugland, the owner of Andreas K. L. Ugland AS (Norway) and a major ship owner with whom TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING has been doing business with for nearly 40 years. After his speech, Mr. Hitoshi Kono (Director, and Ship Sales Division Manager) gave a presentation on the business developments of TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING. Prior to dinner, the toast was given by Mr. Robert Hulse, Director of London’s Brunel Museum*. Mr. Hirotatsu Kambara (President of KAMBARA KISEN Co., Ltd.) capped the evening’s affair with a closing speech, thanking everyone for attending the event, and expressing his wish for a continuous and prosperous relationship with the TSUNEISHI Group into the future.

TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING not only has set its sights on Europe, but is also focusing on strengthening ties with customers and the maritime industry in Asia. As such, “TSUNEISHI Day 2015” is also scheduled to be held in Singapore on March 3, 2015.

*A facility that introduces the achievements of the historically renowned engineer, Isambard Brunel (born 1806, died 1859), who built the foundations for the modern industry in the early 19th century. Among his many accomplishments, he is known for having built the first tunnel in the world and the first large-scale commercial ocean liner in England. A pamphlet that gives praise to his work on commercial ocean going ships will be published in spring 2015, which is sponsored by TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING.

The TSUNEISHI GROUP was established in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan around 112 years ago, with shipbuilding and shipping transport as its core business operations. As a group company and a top-reputed shipbuilder in Japan, TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd. constructs a total of about 60 vessels per year from all 3 of its shipyards --- the Tsuneishi Factory at Head Office in Japan, and two other foreign production yards, each located in the Philippines and in China. Its products are mostly bulk carriers ranging from the 30,000-ton to 180,000-ton class vessels.

President:Kenji Kawano
Field of Business:Shipbuilding, Ship repair
Established :July 1917
Capital:100 million yen
Employees:721 (as of December 2014)
Business Locations:Tsuneishi Factory (Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima,Japan)
URL: http://www.tsuneishi.co.jp/english/

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