ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY will exhibit for the first time at a maritime exhibition in Paraguay, “NAVIGESTIC”(October 1st-3rd 2014)

September 12, 2014



ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY will exhibit for the first time at a maritime exhibition in Paraguay, “NAVIGESTIC”(October 1st-3rd 2014)


TSUNEISHI GROUP’s shipbuilding base in Paraguay, ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY S.A., will exhibit for three days from 1st / October / 2014 ~ 3rd at the maritime exhibition “NAVEGISTIC” which will be held at the Mariscal Lopez Convention Center in Paraguay’s capital city, Asuncion.

NAVEGISTIC has been held every year since 2012. In 2013, 90 companies exhibited, and a total of 3,500 people visited the exhibition over the three days. This will be the first time for ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY S.A. to exhibit, and they will be aiming to promote awareness of their operations and products in the river transport market. In the booth, they will be distributing sales pamphlets and showing an introductory video that shows the shipyard while barges and pusher boats are being built.

・Introduction to Tsuneishi Group’s South-American Activities 

The connection between the Tsuneishi Group and South America began in 1956, when the Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company’s second president Hideo Kambara, who was the mayor of Numakuma-gun in Hiroshima Prefecture (currently Numakuma-cho,Fukuyama City)at the time, offered his support for a project aimed towards emigration to Paraguay.
In recent years, the Tsuneishi Group, which primarily focuses on developing global ship construction and marine transportation businesses, has observed a marked increase in the necessity for river transportation and infrastructure maintenance in line with the growth of the South American export industry and overall economic development.
Established in 2008, ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY S.A. is a shipyard where river transport barges and pusher boats are constructed and repairs are carried out.
Through the establishment of companies such as, GL SOUTH AMERICA S.A.(agriculture and farming management),KAMBARA CONSTRUCCION Y DESARROLLO S.A.(infrastructure and building and construction infrastructure maintenance), TCV PARAGUAY S.A.(development of automotive maintenance and used parts trading companies), TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY IRON WORKS S.R.L.(machining,ship outfitting and pipe production for pusher boats), we are hoping to contribute to the economic development of Paraguay in a wide range of business fields.

■Tsuneishi Group South America Operation Companies
ASTILLERO TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY S.A. ・・・River transportation barge and pusher boats construction and repair
GL SOUTH AMERICA S.A.・・・River transportation, agriculture, farming and forestry
KAMBARA CONSTRUCCION Y DESARROLLO S.A.・・・Infrastructure and building, construction
TCV PARAGUAY S.A.・・Automotive maintenance and repair services, automobile part manufacture and sale, etc.
TSUNEISHI PARAGUAY IRON WORKS S.R.L.・・・Machining,ship outfitting and pipe manufacture

President and Representative Director: Yasuharu Fushimi
Headquarters: 1083 Tsuneishi,  Numakuma, Fukuyama, Hiroshima
Company Details: Since its establishment in 1903, through global expansion of its four fields of business(service, environmental and energy, shipping and shipbuilding )to countries such as China and the Philippines, the Tsuneishi Group has been providing services and products which support global economic development and the livelihood of local societies.

The Tsuneishi News Center transmits a wide variety of timely information regarding Tsuneishi Group’s business activity as well as domestic and foreign CSR activities, etc.
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