Offering Jinseki Kogen Original Sweets Using Miyagi Prefecture Strawberries

May 17, 2013


[Corporate trends]

Jinseki Kogen Hotel began offering their original sweets using strawberries from Miyagi Prefecture that experienced tsunami damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake and honey produced in Jinseki Kogen-cho. In addition to a strawberry mousse using “Mouikko,” an original variety of Miyagi Prefecture, “Afternoon Set (drink included),” a butter-cake with honey collected by the local Hiroshima Prefectural Yuki High School's Industrial Business Department (referred to as Yuki High School below) on a single plate will be sold for a limited time until the end of June.

It began with Yuki High School students working on beekeeping sent honey-bees used for pollination as gifts to a strawberry farm in Miyagi Prefecture that lost its greenhouse, and Yuki High School along with the Jinseki Kogen Hotel that operates product planning collaborated to create this menu. This initiative along with its slogan “Support by eating!” is expected to be introduced as a business endeavor for foodstuff usage on the website ( for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, who endorse active consumption of foods from stricken areas.