Jinseki Kogen Hotel Japanese Garden “Torinen” Reopened

April 26, 2013


[Corporate trends]

The Japanese garden “Torinen” in the Jinseki Kogen Hotel will reopen as of May 2nd, 2013. With the Chugoku Mountains as its borrowed landscape, “Torinen” is a Japanese garden that covers 33,000 square meters. Strolling in this garden that displays beautiful expressions differing with each season will allow you to feel the breath of nature.

The Japanese garden “Torinen” is an art produced by Kinsaku Nakane, a leading landscape architect and gardener of Japan who was praised as the Enshu Kobori of the Showa period and also undertook the garden in the Adachi Museum of Art. The 4 tea ceremony rooms are a production of Kyoto Traditional Architecture Association President Masao Nakamura, the foremost authority in tea ceremony room design.

The 4 tea ceremony rooms in the garden that have different appearances have shown deep expressions with the passage of many years. This space for committing the heart between two people condenses the aesthetic feeling and emotions unique to the Japanese, and allows one to feel a moderate sense of tension and calmness. Its appearance is fitting for the “treasure every meeting, for it will never recur” spirit.