First container ship completed.
Improved construction technology and diversification of ship types result in building our 100th ship.

May 23, 2013


[Corporate trends]

Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc. (General Manager: Toshio Sato, Xiushan Island, Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province, P. R. of China) handed over the 1,020 TEU Container Carrier “VEGA SKY*1”, which is the 100th ship built by Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc., to the shipowner Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd. on May 23rd. It was the first container ship built by Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc. and since the first bulk carrier was built in October, 2007 we have advanced our shipbuilding technology through consecutive shipbuilding works and diversified the ship types, striving for the flexibility to match clients’ needs. General Manager Toshio Sato said “Utilizing our experience through building 100 ships, we will continuously improve quality and techniques in order to consistently supply ships which match our clients’ needs.”

The 1,020 TEU Container Carrier was built utilizing environmental technology cultivated through the development of bulk carriers such as the TESS Series*2. Its thrust performance has also been enhanced by a special bow shape which creates less wave resistance and MT-FAST*3. Additionally, we achieved energy savings by introducing a main engine with a high output and fuel consumption efficiency equivalent to “TESS58” (58000 tons bulk carrier). Moreover, it has high loading efficiency although the ship size is compact at 143 meters length, 11.3 meters depth, and less than10,000 gross tonnage. As a Tsuneishi Group company, this container carrier was built for the first time in 18 years since Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company completed the 2,839 TEU container carrier in 1995. The owner, Kambara Kisen Co., Ltd. is planning to use this carrier for the regular container line between Shanghai and local ports on Japan Sea along with “ALTAIR SKY*4”which will be handed over on June 30th.

Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc. started building large ship body blocks and residential blocks for Tsuneishi Shipbuilding company in 2003*5 and started building a whole ship in 2007. As production facilities like a new construction dock have expanded, we are now building Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company’s main products, “TESS58”, “KAMSARMAX Bulker” (82,000 tons bulk carrier), Post PANAMAX Bulker “TESS98” (98,000 ton bulk carrier). Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc. is improving ship building techniques and production efficiency through consecutive shipbuilding to learn more about shipbuilding techniques, instruction from experienced Japanese experienced at the technical training center, and training technicians who are supposed to take charge of production process management at a factory in Japan.

*1 Name of a star, which is used as a princess' name in Chinese legend.
*2 TESS: Tsuneishi Economical Standard Ship. In the early 1980s, Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company developed this model which is a compact size but has large loading capacity to reduce the cost by improving fuel consumption efficiency, targeting international market, In 1984, the first ship 40,000 tons “TESS40”of the series was completed. Since then they expanded the ship size to 58,000 tons “TESS58” and reached 300 ships completion in HANDYMAX Series which is between 40,000 tons to 60,000 tons in January, 2012.
*3 Multiple wing-shape structure which is attached to the front part of the propeller. It improves propulsion efficiency by 4% by distributing water flow evenly. It was co-developed with MTI (Monohakobi Technology Institute) which is NYK Group company.
*4 Name of a star, which is used as a prince's name in Chinese legend.
*5 By Tsuneishi Group (SHOUSHAN) Large Hull Inc. and Tsuneishi Group (SHOUSHAN) Ship Industry Development Inc. which are former Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc.





■Major Characteristics of 1,020 TEU Container Carrier “VEGA SKY”

Type 1,020 TEU container carrier
Length/Breadth/Depth About 143 meters /22.60 meters / 11.30 meters
Deadweight 12,274 mt (metric tons)
Gross tonnage 9,996 tons
Main engine Mitsui MAN B&W Diesel 6S50MC-C8
Horse power Consecutive max. output: 8,400 kW x 113 revolution/min.
Service speed 18 knots
Building Factory Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc.
Other Characteristics
  • Improved loading efficiency in case of using pier cranes, by locating the residential area at the edge of stern.
  • Assured stability which is compatible with new SOLAS and IS CODE.
  • Minimized oil leakage risk by double layered fuel tank, air sealed pipe at the stern, and electric deck machinery.
  • Various cargo types including hazardous materials or freezing containers can be loaded.
  • Ballast water treatment equipment is equipped as standard.

■Corporate History of Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc.

2003 March Established Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Ship Industry Development Inc.
November Established Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Large Hull Inc.
Introduced building scheme to build fore body and aft bodies separately, carry them to Tsuneishi Shipbuilding Company’s Tsuneishi factory in Japan, and then connect those bodies for completion.
2004 September Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Large Hull Inc. completed the first building berth.
2007 June Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Large Hull Inc. completed the second building berth and start building the first ship.
October Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Ship Industry Development Inc. and Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Large Hull Inc. were merged and became Tsuneishi Group (ZHOUSHAN) Shipbuilding Inc.
The first ship, 58,000 ton bulk carrier “TESS58, GLPRIMELA” was completed.
2008 May The first 82,000 ton bulk carrier “KAMSARMAX Bulker, MANOUSOS P” was completed.
2009 March Building dock for under 100,000 ton class was completed.
2010 April The first 98,000 ton bulk carrier “TESS98, GL XIUSHAN” was completed.
2012 January “SANDRA”, the 300th TESS HANDYMAX series ship in Tsuneishi Group Shipbuilding business was completed.
2013 May Achieved construction of the 100th ship.

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