Tsuneishi Report 2014: Ideals for New Connections New Website for Tsuneishi Group Activities Reports

May 29, 2014



Tsuneishi Report 2014:  Ideals for New Connections
New Website for Tsuneishi Group Activities Reports

Tsuneishi Report 2014

The Tsuneishi Group has launched a new website for Tsuneishi Report 2014, covering Tsuneishi Group activities in 2013, in its four main businesses of Shipbuilding, Shipping, Environment & Energy, and Services.

  ▼TSUNEISHI REPORT 2014(e-book in English)

The Tsuneishi Group seeks to do business in ways that help address social issues, and the Tsuneishi Report 2014 is being introduced with a focus on the Tsuneishi Group’s economic, social, and environmental activities, such as developing ships that are more eco-friendly and adopting recycling methods as part of its social responsibility to the environment, based on the three ideals of “safety & progress,” “valuing each person,” and “being a member of society” as stated in the Tsuneishi Group’s Declaration of Corporate Conduct.

Starting with the 2014 edition, this report is being published in booklet and e-book formats, and in three languages: Japanese, Chinese, and English, to help spread the word about the Tsuneishi Group’s wide array of business activities to all friends and associates, including customers, partners, and employees and their families.

● Main Contents
111 years of TSUNEISHI GROUP history
New Initiatives of TSUNEISHI
Executive interview

[Stability and Growth]
 New challenge to consolidate the GROUP’s resources and increase competitiveness
 Building a human-and eco-friendly ship
Celebrating 20 years of shipbuilding in the Philippines
 11 years since its foundation, the goal is to become ‘a model factory’
 Aiming to be a logistics specialist connecting Japan with Asia
Reliable freight service with the eco-friendly ships
-Environment and energy business-
 Recycling will create no waste: waste can be a resource
 Increasing the brand value of the Bingo Region
[Importance of a person with ability]
「Children visit their parents’ workplace」
Encouraging a Work Life Balance
 Creating a community where work is close to home
[A member of society]
 Protecting people’s lives as companies with their
root in the local society
TSUNEISHI’s social activities
 What’s this number in TSUNEISHI?

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