Simulation training conducted for disaster prevention at the Tsuneishi Factory

March 28, 2004


On March 14, Tsuneishi implemented a simulation training session for disaster prevention at the Tsuneishi Factory's Disaster Countermeasures Office.
The training session was conducted to examine how correct and organized was the response of the Tsuneishi Corporation Disaster Countermeasures Office (training team), when challenged by a simulated emergency declared a 'challenging team'.

By experiencing different types of simulated disasters and the process of taking countermeasures, we hope the participants will be able to respond effectively if an emergency strikes. On the other hand, by studying whathappened during the training session, we intend to improve our Disaster Prevention Manual and make it more practical.

At 12:59:30, the Disaster Countermeasures Office was set up after the announcement that an earthquake had hit the factory. The challenging team pushed the training team by demanding to know about conditions such as the degree of damage and employee safety.
Members of the training team, who did not know what the scenario would be, had to use their initiative and issue instructions in response to this unexpected development. Although it was just a training run, there was a tense atmosphere in the office.

After the training session, all the participants met together and analyzed what had happened and how to use their experience when dealing with emergencies in the future.

The training team

The challenging team