Electric vehicle (e-NV200) demonstration!

April 8, 2016


[Business reports]

Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation began employing the 100% electric seven-passenger van e-NV200 for company use from March 31, with the cooperation of Nissan Motor Company for a demonstration experiment of a self-sufficient local energy community that integrates factories with homes.

Tsuneishi Holdings has in the past done data collection using light electric vehicles. The e-NV200 is a highly functional vehicle, based on the multipurpose commercial van NV200 Vanette combined with an e-powertrain for a vehicle with a spacious interior, versatility, and the smooth acceleration and quietness unique to electric vehicles (EV). The vehicle’s power outlets can deliver up to 1500W power, making it possible to provide power outdoors and be useful in many situations as a traveling storage battery.

By accepting Nissan Motor Company’s proposal to use the e-NV200, Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation anticipate being able to collect new data that could not be obtained with the vehicle model used previously. Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation will continue demonstrations with both the new and past vehicle models. Nissan Motor Company is a leader in zero-emission efforts and not only develops and sells EV, but also works extensively to spread the use of EV and build a sustainable mobility society.

Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation has received subsidies from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry since 2011 for its next-generation energy technology demonstration project. Tsuneishi Holdings Corporation will build demonstration infrastructure facilities in the waterfront area using EV to demonstrate their effective use and further reinforce the project.


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