A training center has been established at TSUNEISHI Heavy Industry, Cebu (THI), which is the overseas base of TSUNEISHI Corporation.

November 17, 2006


TSUNEISHI Corporation (head office: 1083 Tsuneishi Numakuma-cho Fukuyama-city Hiroshima, CEO: Katsushige Kambara, hereinafter called TSUNEISHI Corporation) has established a training center in TSUNEISHI Heavy Industry Cebu (hereinafter called THI), an overseas subsidiary company located on the Philippine island of Cebu. At this training center, trainees learn the importance of quality control and are apprenticed to experienced technicians. Actual training began on October 23rd.

The training center has two sites, the study room and the practical training room. The main technical training is conducted by experienced Japanese technicians dispatched from TSUNEISHI Corporation, targeting engineers, welding workers, and iron workers. 30 trainees will receive an intensive 3 month course of training in welding and cutting, which are crucial techniques at the ship production sites, as one course of training intended to improve their technical level.

There are 90 welding booths in the practical training room, allowing training for up to 360 welding technicians a year. Additionally curricula covering corporate rules, safety education, quality control, environmental measurement, and technical drawing are planned to improve the standards of technical/working knowledge among factory employees.

<Facility Outline>

Name of facility



Study room 613㎡
・Accommodates 300 people (school style)
・Audiovisual equipment
Practical training room 1,596㎡
・90 welding boothsSafety education


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