"StraTechT Institute" founded by Tsuneishi Corporation Researching and developing the next generation of shipping technologies with themes of "Environment", "Information and Communications" and "LCV"

September 11, 2006


"StraTechT Institute"(Location: 3 Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo/ CEO: Yoshito Yamane) established and fully funded by Tsuneishi Corporation (Head Quarters: 1083, Tsuneishi, Numakuma-cho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima/ CEO: Katsushige Kambara) has three research themes, "Environment", "Information and Communications" and "LCV (Life Cycle Value)", leading their research and development of technologies for the next generation of shipping.

From a mid to long term perspective, as a specialized institution within the Tsuneishi Corporation, "StraTechT Institute" searches for, and develops shipping technologies that will enhance the competitive edge of the company. "StraTechT Institute aims to develop new technologies by adapting other advanced technologies such as electronics, to develop ships that create new demands for better environmental performance, considering safety and the prevention of water pollution.

Driving the establishment of the institute, was the increased competition within Korea, China and Europe, as well as the enhancement of environmental consciousness raised by burdens which are caused by the increasing size and speed of ships in response to the demands of mass transportation. Tsuneishi Corporation decided that it is necessary to gain a competitive edge against their competitors in research and development of environmental and information technological aspects and in the development of high LCV ships, which are a significant step forward for maritime industries such as maritime trade, shipbuilding and ship machinery industries.

* "StraTechT" stands for "Strategic Technologies by Tsuneishi", which means the strategic technology innovation developed by Tsuneishi.


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StraTechT Institute
August 10, 2006
Yoshito Yamane
Izumikan Sambancho Building,
3-3-8 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0075


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