Tsuneishi and Hiroshima University Reach Agreement on Comprehensive Research Partnership

June 10, 2004


Tsuneishi and Hiroshima University Reach Agreement on Comprehensive Research Partnership

The Graduate School of Engineering, Hiroshima University (1-4-1, Kagamiyama, Higashi-Hiroshima, Hiroshima, Dean: Mitsumasa Okada) and Tsuneishi Corporation (Head Office: Tsuneishi 1083, Numakuma-cho, Numakuma, Hiroshima, President: Katsushige Kambara) have arrived at a comprehensive agreement on research partnership in an effort to develop technologies for ship designing and environmental conservation.

Since Japan's national universities were incorporated, Hiroshima University has been vigorously conducting joint research with diverse educational research institutes and companies, accepting entrusted research projects, and promoting industrial technologies and academic exchanges in the local community, in accordance with its social mandate to utilize its research function broadly for the benefit of society.
Meanwhile, Tsuneishi is vigorously proceeding with research on numerous technical issues to further develop our international construction of high-quality vessels, a means of transportation on which today's industry relies.
This agreement is aimed at advancing the development of both Hiroshima University, which is promoting a broad alliance between businesses and universities through its globally competitive research setup, and Tsuneishi Corporation, which is engaged in the construction of ships of the best possible quality. We believe the agreement will result in significant promotion of science, technology, and industry and bring important benefits to the local community.

According to the new agreement, Hiroshima University and Tsuneishi will establish as a driver organization the "Research Cooperation Committee" that consists of researchers from each party. The Committee annually selects research subjects, while it also formulates and allocates budgets, manages and tracks the progress of research, encourages the exchange of human resources, and protects intellectual property.
Under the "Research Cooperation Committee," experts on each subject will form study groups that will expedite research programs according to an arranged schedule. In the agreement, we plan to join forces when conducting research in the following fields:
(1) Design, construction and maintenance of vessels
(2) Environmental conservation and promotion of international partnership
(3) Others agreed as necessary

This research tie-up will give Hiroshima University a major insight into industrial needs, make a more effective contribution to society, and further develop its research facilities, while applications to actual shipbuilding are expected to help Tsuneishi improve its shipbuilding qualities and technologies.
The agreement is initially planned to last 3 years, but we will extend and broaden it in response to research advancements.