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The spirit of the TSUNEISHI Group

We at the TSUNEISHI Group have developed our businesses with the principle of never sparing effort and always pursuing new possibilities to enrich the lifestyles of our employees and those living in the community. This sentiment is in the DNA of the Group and will stay in the hearts of our employees for generations.

The TSUNEISHI spirit, crossing the ocean to spread overseas

Our TSUNEISHI Group DNA has always challenged Japanese business conventions; when the manufacturing industry was grappling with an unparalleled recession in the early 1990s caused by the strong yen after the collapse of Japan’s bubble economy, we took the bold step of expanding abroad. This was unprecedented in the shipbuilding industry. Starting with TSUNEISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES (CEBU) in the Philippines, we expanded to China, Paraguay, and other countries.

Enhancing the value of Setouchi for the future

“Setouchi Kilometre Zero”, which is a focus of Bella Vista SPA & MARINA ONOMICHI, is one of our initiatives with the concept of “local production for local consumption”. With traditionally produced denim, kasuri fabric, and furniture, as well as local ingredients from Setouchi’s sea and mountains, we offer a premium experience that is unique to this locale and is rooted in its history and culture.

Partnerships that transcend business to share a future

The relationship between South America and the TSUNEISHI Group dates back to the time that Hideo Kambara, our second president, organised group migration to Paraguay as the mayor of Numakuma Town, Numakuma-gun (now Fukuyama City) in Hiroshima Prefecture during the period of recovery after World War II. A strong and sincere relationship has developed through pragmatic initiatives over the years, contributing to community development while supporting growth for the overall group. The TSUNEISHI Group’s spirit of challenge has expanded to reach distant countries.

With the pride of “One TSUNEISHI”

In 2017, KAMBARA KISEN added three container carriers to its fleet for the Japan-China liner service. Built to order by TSUNEISHI SHIPBUILDING, they were named SCARLET ARROW, CRYSTAL ARROW, and ORIENTAL ARROW through an in-house contest. The names were chosen with consideration of regional character, the corporate beliefs of the TSUNEISHI Group, and wishes of stability and growth for our business.

An experience unmatched anywhere else

The whirlpool observation ship AQUA EDDY built by TSUNEISHI FACILITIES & CRAFT is a small high-speed boat equipped with an observatory room that is one metre underwater. This offers the thrill of speed as well as the fun of observing whirlpools both underwater and from the deck. The proximity of the whirlpools allows passengers to discover sights never seen before.

A place to nurture curiosity and happiness for the family

At Dinosaur Park, a new story-like adventure attraction in MIROKU-NO-SATO, visitors explore a “dangerous forest that is inhabited by dinosaurs”. One of our aspirations since founding has been to provide places for people in the community to enjoy their holidays. While this sentiment has continually evolved, it has been passed down through generations.

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